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This is a video blog. In other words, instead of ranting in writing I just did it at the camera.
Not sure why I had such trouble with my English today, but perhaps this is coherent enough.
This is on the Abrahamic God, Rape, Sexism, Feminism, Darwinism, and Atheism. Specifically, addressing the religious argument that without gawd, rape is permissible. I argue to the contrary from a secular humanist perspective.



“The abuse of women and girls is the most pervasive and unaddressed human rights violation on earth.”                     – Jimmy Carter

I consider myself a feminist.

1794583_1411270042456098_24096862_n                                                                  “Any day now…”

As such, it is blatantly obvious that I depart rather starkly with others of my associations due to my degree of perception of feminist issue.
For one, I do not — as some feminists do — shy away from openly naming the institutions and groups directly responsible for the many layers of woman-hatred that are prevalent in even the most progressive of nations worldwide. Whereas many feminists are quite content to react to single individuals’ sexism, I find myself among others (particularly atheists, be they associated with feminism or no) as having no qualms about calling out religious groups and specifically patriarchal (predominantly monotheistic) religions in general as the leading causes for misogynistic social axioms that have been indoctrinated into the human populous over the course of history. This far-reaching pervasiveness seems to inexorably seep into the fabric of all nations – to varying degrees.
Further, and much more radically, while all but the most fringe feminists dream of gender equality, I feel that such a goal aims not nearly far enough.

29542_593199634029363_415837869_n                                                                             “Ta-Da!”

Females are not just part of an arbitrarily ostracized religious group, or members of a perpetually beleaguered nation, nor even part of a brutalized ethnic group. No, women are ALL of these and constitute 51% of the TOTAL human population (and that is not taking into account the rampage of femicides in some of the most populous countries on earth). Considering that throughout the course of our entire species, females have been the targets of atrocities due to either accidental membership in an outlying group/ethnicity/nation, or targeted specifically because of their gender, it should be easy to persuade even the most staunch Men’s Rights Activists that women have been the single most oppressed group of humanity in all of time. (Unfortunately, such convictions are late in the coming)
Being that 99% of all the truly horrifying violence in this world since time immemorial has been initiated, perpetrated and continued by males, I feel that women asking ‘equality’ with us men is in itself a great inequity.

Please do not mistake my position for insecurity or self-loathing. I am quite satisfied with my existence as is. In fact, sharing the trope of my gender, I consider myself to be an unflinchingly vain individual. While I’ve always surfed the edges of poverty, indeed in some cases diving right in, I have nevertheless been immeasurably privileged in my life, enjoying such experiences as earning the status of veteran, becoming a well-traveled linguist, and being the owner of a small business. No doubt, all this is due in large part to the accident of birth that is my male sex, heterosexual orientation, and Russian ethnicity. While I feel no particular personal guilt, I find it appalling on the most innate depths of both reason and morality that more men not merely do not share my view, but are actively working against even the most basic progress of women’s right to exist. Surely given all of history, if one cannot stand to concede my admittedly extreme views, one can at the very least take the time to listen and sympathize with the vast number of regular, reasonable, and rightly troubled feminists – women and men.

Macho Military Mentality

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Life
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The military and other ‘manly’ jobs often have a (well-deserved) stigma of being crass.
I would like to share an instance from my time in the United States military. This took place at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The fort’s recruit population was exclusively male, though plenty of seasoned staff were female, including the Colonel in charge. This gender discrimination among recruits had something to do with the fact that artillery (which this fort specialized in) was one of those jobs segregated to males only. Why this affected Basic Training recruits I have no idea, though I heard that those rules changed shortly after my group graduated.


We were standing in formation, the stern and impassive face of one of our drill-sergeants relating the plan of the day when suddenly he paused and turned to look off in the distance as a group of ROTC Cadets — mostly female — went marching by. I do not know why they were there, and it was the only time I ever saw them. Perhaps they were on some excursion from their college. Either way, the formality was broken as our drill-sergeant removed his hat in order to ‘take in the sight’. This unofficially gave everyone in formation leave to rubberneck and grin and talk.

I looked over like everyone else as the women marched by. I even smiled as some of them looked back, though my gaze did not linger. Seeing them reaffirmed the knowledge that I greatly missed the company of women, but I was soon looking attentively back at the drill-sergeant, awaiting further instruction.

By the way, when I say ‘missed the company of’, I mean several things. Sexually, sure. But that was not the actual sentiment. I decided that I generally preferred female company in literally any environment or activity. My reasoning for this was validated a moment later when a comrade who was standing next to me, who had evidently taken note of the fact that I had not gaped at the passing females as long as the others, decided to comment while the informal atmosphere of wistful and vulgar murmuring continued to swarm around us.


He said something to the effect of “Whats the matter, K? Not interested in female ass?”
“Indeed,” I replied dryly, keeping my eyes fixed on the drill — who had made the rare act of breaking the hardass character of the drill-sergeant and was grinning and making lewd comments along with the rest of the boys, “I am more interested in the entire package.”

Laughter howled around me as my compatriots judged that I had made a good retort and retained my ‘manhood’. Knowing that they had misunderstood however, I continued, “I do not know any of those women, as such they are of no interest to me. I have better things to do than act like a savage.”

“What did you say?” He asked with an edge in his tone, knowing full-well what I had said.
Perhaps he though I had meant it as an insult based on our different ethnicities.

I looked at him coolly before clarifying, “As in, it is barbaric to drool over women like a jackass.”

Everyone quieted down. The drill-sergeant was watching closely now, with narrowed eyes. Clearly, I’ve managed to offend most if not all of them.

“We’re supposed to be savage!” my fellow soldier sneered, breaking the silence.

“HOO-AH!” cried a few of his friends, in support.

Before voices could join the supporting cries and the conversation come to a close, I hasted to correct him.

“On the contrary,” I snapped, perhaps too sharply. “This is as civilized and disciplined as society gets.”
What I meant was, the military SHOULD be as civilized and disciplined as any place in society could be.

Nothing more came of the conversation. The scoffing died down immediately soon after the drill-sergeant replaced his wide-brimmed hat, and my peers merely thought of me as even more tight-assed then before. Also possibly homosexual.

I was perfectly fine with both or either of these assessments. Though neither helped me win any off-clock popularity contests, they did not impact any leadership duties I was to be assigned thereafter. Thankfully, there were some among my future superiors who still valued performance over popularity-polls.
Maybe it was a harmless incident and the drill-sergeant was just giving us a rare moment to be silly.
Maybe its important to set a fucking example and throw the boys club attitude out the airlock when in just the last year alone 26,000 soldiers reported being raped in the United States military.

Personally, I do not see how a difficult profession is an excuse for sexism (or worse). If anything, it should instill a greater sense of dignity the harder the tasks.

PS: I know women can be vulgar too. The difference, it seems to me, is that when guys do it there tends to be more of a creepy under-current that makes me go

government is on the womens side...right
“Hey Chris Brown, I was thinking of beating the shit out of my wife and then having 11.7 million fucking idiots be OK with that. Any tips?” – John Cheese

Hi! I am a war veteran who owns my own military-grade self-defense business. Some might say I’m a ‘man’s man‘.
I’m also a ‘beta-male mangina’.
At least according to you, because I just don’t give a shit about your sob-stories or how we men have it ‘so much tougher’ than women — especially when you bring up your ‘grievances‘ to undermine topics centered specifically around women’s issues.

false rape asshole
Oh and less than 4% are false accusations

You are literally so insecure, one can find hordes of little monsters like you and your buddies in every comments section not strictly guy-centric, holding each others dicks, throwing around gay slurs and slut-shaming.


Men have NEVER been systematically and consistently targeted throughout history because of our gender with genocide, persecution, enslavement, and sexual torture all with the blessings of both church and state.
And we likely never will be.
Women have and continue to suffer and endure at the hands of men like us. They are strong because of their struggles. YOU are the weak.
I respect strength, and you have none but that borrowed from your mothers.
You advocate for the rights of people who have dominated everything since everything started existing. WTF kind of crazy are you?
You became obsolete the moment you got your first hard-on. You are not special merely by virtue of being male (though the world will certainly treat you as such). One has to EARN respect and you are running the other way.

So save your poor-me stories for one of your knuckle-dragging, keyboard-warrior, “alpha-male” monkey friends and clear the fucking air-waves. You all are great at stroking each other while sneering at the real continuing struggles of people directly affected by the corrosive environment you create. You shame us all.

Me? I’ll stick with the words of “betas” like George Carlin.

                         Clearly gay or trying to get laid

There’s no such thing, ammirite, fellas!? Women belong in the kitchen! If they are not they must be trying to prove something, right? Clearly they can’t make it as pretty adornments so they must be fat, ugly, or slutty. They sure as hell can’t effectively fight a man, or do a ‘man’s job’, or decide their own sexuality, or worship something other than a male god or resist their biological imperative to be baby factories or decide what to do with their bodies or not dress to seduce those helpless rapists or not be stoned/burned/buried/drowned/beaten/mutilated to death for any of the above infractions, RIGHT?

Okay okay, maybe I sounded off a little more than I should have. Maybe you don’t think so. But why in the hell would a guy give a shit about that stuff, anyway? After all, we are told in countless media and throughout our varied cultural upbringings that when brought before a woman, men are just mindless beasts and we can’t help but be crass, juvenile, knuckle-dragging, drooling lunatics who just wanna ‘get some’. Its certainly not possible for us to have a dialogue with a woman we find attractive and not simultaneously want to fuck her, RIGHT?

Thats what the world you have been living in has been pounding into your head (maybe not quite so bluntly). No matter where you are (and I’ve been around) varying degrees of sexism against women AND men are prevalent. From women being denied certain jobs (Women serving the military in combat roles!? Outrageous! Back to the offices with you!) To men being told juvenile and even violent behavior is justified because of their gender.

Okay but you’re not that kind of guy, right? You know you’re a decent sort. What do you care about feminism? Even if it really is about how cultures approach human rights as a whole, you don’t want anything to do with some matriarchy-loving crap! Besides, guys who claim to support feminists are…

                             Yeeeeeeeah! Thats why I’m a ‘feminist’! Booyah!

Guys who listen to women. Men who pretend to frown when girls prattle on about women’s rights. Dudes who showcase their ‘feminism’ are just trying to get laid, right? It makes sense. Clearly in this age of minority empowerment, women would fawn all over guys that share their feminazi views.

Except that doesn’t make sense…at ALL. Unless you go around holding a “I need feminism because…” sign 24/7 how the hell would women know thats what you’re about? A t-shirt? Cool. Cool. Thats worth a shot. Or you could slip it into random (or every) conversation you ever have when within earshot of a nice ass, but if it were really that easy to get a random woman to start foaming at the mouth over a man-feminist, why the hell aren’t YOU doing it right now!? Go ahead! Go out on a college campus with a megaphone and start droning on about how you love ‘dem wominz rites!’ and just wait for the fanfare.


Okay. So then is it something that you see mostly on the web? Then what kind of odd-ball world do you live in where someone can ‘get laid’ by ‘acting’ like a feminist online? What kind of secret prize do these men who ‘act’ like they give a shit get?

I don’t know, but when you figure it out, you be sure and get back to me, pronto because this ‘white knight’ is behind on some much deserved come-upins!


Only he could ever REALLY be a feminist!

Really, the only way that a dude could really give a shit about feminism is if he was a cross-dressing or closet homosexual. I mean, thats the only explanation! I mean sure, Mr. Dafoe there is about to shoot the shit out of some fucking mobsters and save the two straight white male heroes, but he is DEFINITELY going to give a blowjob to one of those gangsters first! For sure!
Also, according to my ‘extensive’ online research, being a man-feminist is almost certainly linked to being gay. That or being a slick pimp-daddy. But definitely not both!

Why, you may ask? Because these are the default insults to any guy who shows genuine (or other ways) interest in women’s rights. Why the hell should he care? Oh he either wants to get some or bend over and be a broad himself. Thats the only explanation, you guys!

As a matter of fact, feminism in general is for-sure-you-guys linked to being gay no matter what your sex. If a woman proclaims to be a feminist, she clearly is very ugly/butch/gay and hates men and most certainly wants to cut off your balls, dude!

At least, thats what the men making those posts seem convinced of. But don’t worry guys, its not just you who has your eyes open! Plenty of women will say they are all about equal rights but get super defensive if you try to suggest that she may indeed be a feminist.

Why? Because feminism = unattractive and we wouldn’t want ‘our’ women to be that, would we? No sir. So you better pretty yourself up and tell those gay, sugar-daddy men and ugly women feminists to shut the hell up!

Okay, so enough sarcasm.

/deep breath

I wrote this because for every pro-woman argument I have come across I have found a dozen whining about how both men AND women can be ‘terrible’. As if it is somehow necessary to point out that highly skewed and obvious fact, and that fact somehow invalidates the need for a female perspective.

It is the equivalent of a Nazi saying, “Hey remember that one guy who didn’t torture a lot of people? See! Nazis aren’t all bad!”

Godwin’s Law of Lolz: Sooner or later Nazis and Lolcats will be mentioned simultaneously

Obviously I – a dominant male – am not calling men Nazis. I am merely commenting on the fact that no women ever invented a Nazi party.
(for a loooooooooong list of what women DID invent look here)

But these “oppressed” man’s pride or ‘anti-misandry’ guys don’t just complain about the unfairness of women’s rights, or how they feel those rights emasculate them, do they? They also shame any man that disagrees with them using tactics I have covered above. Words from a leader in that pro-dude movement: Here.

Men complaining about women’s rights is the equivalent of a white guy complaining about the civil rights movement in the USA or a religious zealot displaying thinly veiled homophobia (its not really a phobia, is it Mike?) while hiding behind religious texts for justifications.

If women are to be considered a group of people, than in my humble opinion, and in a matter of numerical fact, all the racism, homophobia, and war causalities in the history of humanity do not compare to the atrocities that MEN have committed against WOMEN, all while protected by patriarchal social validations.

For anyone arguing that while, ‘yeah shit was bad a while ago but its all good now!’

Consider that a woman in South Africa will be raped every 26 Seconds.
Not convinced? How about the femicide happening in India and China:

“I am a feminist because women don’t have the most basic of human rights – the right to live safely, simply because they are female. By 2030, India will have systematically eliminated 20% of women from its population, annihilated both before and after birth — only because they are female. And China will have similarly eliminated 20% of its female population. Since these two countries together constitute 40% of the human population, the implication of this is global. This is a genocide – the systematic and deliberate destruction of a targeted human group—on a scale that’s historically unprecedented. Furthermore, there’s not one country in the world where women are not subjected to one or another form of violence, like rape, sex-trafficking, “domestic” violence, random femicides, lethal customs like FGM — because of their gender. Women live in fear of their safety and lives, inside and outside their homes, everywhere, all the time, in a way that men never have to. Yet, governments and international bodies don’t see this as a violation of the basic human rights of a group that constitutes one-half of the human race.” – Rita Banerji

Still not close enough to home for you?
That suggests that at least one woman that you know or will know will have been the victim of gender-specific violence.

Still don’t give a shit? How about slavery? Thats strike a cord? No? Fuck those guys? How about slavery of children? Not just in Russia. But in the first world. Good ol’ US of A.
RAINN (an anti-sexual assault organization) quotes the United States Department of Justice statistics that:
1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted before they reach adulthood.

I bring up this modern day slavery (human trafficking, they call it) because it is almost exclusively based around sexual exploitation of women and children–meaning it is a feminist issue.


According to my own humble opinion and experience with (believe it or not) other ways ‘normal’ women-who-are-also-feminists, Feminism is the idea that women and men are equal as human beings and recognize that modern-day patriarchal societies are detrimental to both sexes (that last part is why it is different from humanism).

Thats it. Thats all it is.

     No castrations required!

Now, maybe (and despite being a dominant male) I personally belong more in the drow-society matriarchal-take-over kind of camp, but that is certainly a minority and not what feminists at large represent–at all.

So why aren’t more people feminist?

Is it just because certain men are threatened by the idea of women accomplishing something worthwhile?
Is it women unwilling to be shamed and labeled as radical and therefore unattractive?
Is it dudes just afraid of being called gay?

I think its a large combination of all of that with a healthy does of (willful or not) ignorance and (definitely willful) apathy. People just don’t give a shit.

Well I do give a shit and I’m not ashamed to say: