REVIEW: Man of Steel

Overall, the film Man of Steel is decent at what it is supposed to be (minus the insane anti-logic of both of Supe’s fathers). One teaches Clark to distrust humanity at all costs, something that Super then spends the entire movie trying to overcome, while the other goes out of his way to make sure his species goes extinct (except for his son)…as opposed to the ‘bad guy’ who actually wants to save his people (except for the underclass). Quite the planet of heroes.

Unsurprisingly, the ‘new and improved’ Lois Lane in the film Man of Steel is a complete disappointment. Yet another useless female character placed there solely to demonstrate how ‘great and powerful’ the male character is and then inexplicably find romance where there is none by randomly make out for a solid fifteen. Personally, I find that kind of ‘by-the-hollywood-book’ unnecessarily overt classification of the protagonist’s (hetero)sexuality something that seems almost always out of place. Alien, if you will. But like, in a really tediously pointed sort of way.

lemme look at you, gurl
“Now, hold your head high while I show you how to kick your boyfriend’s ass like a proper lady.”

The villainous commander played by the talented Antje Traue however, was a pleasant surprise. Though scarce in dialogue and stoic by character, her presence and demeanor were a refreshing and much needed contrast to the female lead who’s usefulness involved more saving by strange men than Princess Peace and more fawning over the pretty boy than a Twilight convention.

Worth watching just for that.

Oh, and Colonel Christopher Meloni saved the planet while Clark was busy dicking around.

You’re welcome.


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