Women Must Mistrust Men

“Oh! He is so mysterious! I just can’t wait for him to open up and share with me!”

As I understand it, American women are often hesitant to ‘hang out’ with men in a friendship capacity, at least partially due to a deeply-rooted (and justifiable) skepticism of the males’ motives for such a gathering.
What these women don’t understand — and neither do other men for that matter — is that unlike most of my male counterparts, I do not judge my masculinity by how often I “get laid”. To put it frankly: I just don’t give a shit.

Odd, I know. Possibly more rare still is my general distaste of strip clubs (as I really can’t get excited over something as simple as human nudity without first establishing at least an intellectual report) as well as my arguably even more baffling disinterest in receiving oral sex (there is just something…impersonal about it). As I understand it, most men are quite the opposite (aren’t I just a special little snowflake?).
So whats my point?

 Then I would tell you Morpheus, that such a statement, while obviously true, is statistically so negligible that it is simultaneously irrelevant. In other words: Big Whoop.

Many of these men have a chronic distrust of all things feminine while simultaneously sharing a sort of pathological (and ironic) obsession with ‘pussy’. An equally disturbing oxymoron behavior is their often shared hatred of homosexuals coupled idiotically with a child-like trust in male authority. Personally I find this socially accepted, culturally shared and self-induced ignorance to be reason enough to frequently find my own gender quite disgusting, so one can hardly blame women for assuming the worst. That isn’t to say that women and men can’t get along. I’m not denying the existence of relationships. But with romantic relationships, there are certain expectations. Namely, that there is a risk involved. If you open yourself up to another person, you are both rejoicing in your humanity and simultaneously opening yourself up to be hurt. That is the simple (I should hope) obvious truth of the matter.
Good or bad, love is a gamble against time.

Here, however, we are talking about just ‘hanging out’, which means the overt intention is friendship. And my point is: that women have every reason to be guarded around ‘guy friends’ (especially guys who proclaim to be ‘above all that typical male stuff’ like I did earlier in this very post).
In fact, I would dare assert that, given the facts, guarded mistrust is simply a logical recourse given the probable alternatives. So next time a guy ‘friend’ whines at you because you don’t invite him to hang out often enough or just don’t seem to want to spend time alone with him, be assured: Logic is on your side.





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