“Training Women and Men how to Protect that which matters most–Life.”

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”

“Fear is the Enemy that weakens you with indecision and paralyzes you with dread. It is far better to simply utilize Caution and Common-sense.”

“You are mortal. You are going to die. Everything you have and everyone you know is finite. Accept it. Embrace it.
There, you see? Nothing at all left to fear. All that is left are experiences to enjoy unhindered.”

“People will have preconceptions about you because of your gender. Because of your age. Because of your body-type or ethnicity. All these assumptions you can turn to your advantage. Your size is just a factor. Everyone’s body is subject to physics. Surviving an attack is a matter of awareness, knowledge and the will to fiercely defend your right to exist.”

“When a man attacks a woman he will have two possible mindsets. Cruelty or superiority. Both of these you can exploit. When a woman is attacked by a man the only weakness that you have is fear of your own inadequacy. You WILL defeat him. Right from the start you have no choice. You have nothing left to lose.You must triumph.”

“He will try to hit you again. You will keep fighting.You are not a flawed machine. You do not need to be at 100% to keep fighting. You will fight until you are exhausted and hurt and then you will fight some more. You have no choice. There are no options. You must fight to survive. Give everything and strike him down.”

“Proportional response only makes sense when the battlefield is even — Escalate.”

“Misdirection — What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.”

“When diplomacy fails, there is only one alternative — Violence. Force must be applied without apology to preserve your right to live.”

“She will cut you in ways that will make you useless to a woman.”

“The progress of a civilization can be judged by the treatment of the women who live there.”

“A Culture’s Teachings, and Most Importantly, the Nature of Its People, Achieve Definition in Conflict. They Find Themselves, or They Find Themselves Lacking.”

“We live in a time where wars can be won and lost with the mere push of a button. When wars are dehumanized both victory and defeat become miserable and the gods no longer lend a helping hand.”

“If you desire something, you will find a way to it, other ways you will find an excuse.”

“There is no better experience you can give yourself than the experience of travel.”

“You live in the age of information. Ignorance, therefore is an active choice. Not an excuse.”

“Death is the life of everywhere she goes.”

“From Russia with Love.”


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