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Posted: May 2, 2014 in Feminism
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“The abuse of women and girls is the most pervasive and unaddressed human rights violation on earth.”                     – Jimmy Carter

I consider myself a feminist.

1794583_1411270042456098_24096862_n                                                                  “Any day now…”

As such, it is blatantly obvious that I depart rather starkly with others of my associations due to my degree of perception of feminist issue.
For one, I do not — as some feminists do — shy away from openly naming the institutions and groups directly responsible for the many layers of woman-hatred that are prevalent in even the most progressive of nations worldwide. Whereas many feminists are quite content to react to single individuals’ sexism, I find myself among others (particularly atheists, be they associated with feminism or no) as having no qualms about calling out religious groups and specifically patriarchal (predominantly monotheistic) religions in general as the leading causes for misogynistic social axioms that have been indoctrinated into the human populous over the course of history. This far-reaching pervasiveness seems to inexorably seep into the fabric of all nations – to varying degrees.
Further, and much more radically, while all but the most fringe feminists dream of gender equality, I feel that such a goal aims not nearly far enough.

29542_593199634029363_415837869_n                                                                             “Ta-Da!”

Females are not just part of an arbitrarily ostracized religious group, or members of a perpetually beleaguered nation, nor even part of a brutalized ethnic group. No, women are ALL of these and constitute 51% of the TOTAL human population (and that is not taking into account the rampage of femicides in some of the most populous countries on earth). Considering that throughout the course of our entire species, females have been the targets of atrocities due to either accidental membership in an outlying group/ethnicity/nation, or targeted specifically because of their gender, it should be easy to persuade even the most staunch Men’s Rights Activists that women have been the single most oppressed group of humanity in all of time. (Unfortunately, such convictions are late in the coming)
Being that 99% of all the truly horrifying violence in this world since time immemorial has been initiated, perpetrated and continued by males, I feel that women asking ‘equality’ with us men is in itself a great inequity.

Please do not mistake my position for insecurity or self-loathing. I am quite satisfied with my existence as is. In fact, sharing the trope of my gender, I consider myself to be an unflinchingly vain individual. While I’ve always surfed the edges of poverty, indeed in some cases diving right in, I have nevertheless been immeasurably privileged in my life, enjoying such experiences as earning the status of veteran, becoming a well-traveled linguist, and being the owner of a small business. No doubt, all this is due in large part to the accident of birth that is my male sex, heterosexual orientation, and Russian ethnicity. While I feel no particular personal guilt, I find it appalling on the most innate depths of both reason and morality that more men not merely do not share my view, but are actively working against even the most basic progress of women’s right to exist. Surely given all of history, if one cannot stand to concede my admittedly extreme views, one can at the very least take the time to listen and sympathize with the vast number of regular, reasonable, and rightly troubled feminists – women and men.

  1. gzeu says:

    What is your opinion on why some men feel the need to go so far as to declare Men’s Right’s are needed?

    • Well it could be argued that their entire premise is a resentment of their biological need of women. Their attempt to reconcile this is by putting women beneath them, thereby taking a measure of control over their sexual compulsions. A feminist, therefore, is a vehicle for seizing that control from them. I think that is a reasonable, if abhorrent analysis of my own sex. Personally, however, I tend to refute anything that suggests men are ‘unable to help themselves’. As a man, I know this is utter horseshit.
      I suspect the reason for MRA’s existence and like societal attitudes stem from a fear that (what they perceive as) the loss of absolute power over women in ‘first-world’ nations is a ‘devious’ plot to undermine their entire way of life. And in some sense, it is at that.
      MRA’s reaction is on par with the Christian church in the 6th to 13th centuries and its insistence that people should not be allowed to read lest ‘God’ begin to lose its power over them. And of course, the church set about to torture and burn millions of women as spelled out in the Malleus Maleficarum. Now I’m not saying the MRA are nearly as motivated. I AM saying they are easily as soft-minded, and possibly vile-spirited, as any dark-age cleric.

  2. BroadBlogs says:

    Luckily, about one third of men consider themselves feminist these days. I feel everyone needs to join together to fight injustices, Whether they be gender, race, class… Because change can’t be one-sided, Coming only from the oppressed group.

    That said, I don’t think the issue is a matter of being men’s fault. Women and men are both raised in a patriarchal society, We both unconsciously internalize intend to accept the world as it is. And so women and men both re-create the problem. I see the issue as educating people so that they can have a choice to make changes. Even if you look at the origins of patriarchy, they didn’t come about because men wanted to hurt women. Attempts to avoid inbreeding, Along with agriculture seem to be the culprits. I’ll be writing more about that later.

    • This is simply not true. One-third of men consider themselves feminist? I don’t even know of one-third of women who don’t hiss at the mere mention of the term lest they be labeled self-absorbed harpies. It is true that both females and males are indoctrinated into the social axioms of patriarchy, and it is true that patriarchy is also harmful to men — in the same way that someone forced to waterboard a prisoner is ‘also hurt’ by the experience. However harmful patriarchy is to men, a comparison between who has/has had it worse is simply absurd and is the sort of apologist view that is one of the things that makes me step away from conventional, “lets just say we’re all at fault, eh?” view of feminism. There is a vast difference between being reasonable (which I make no claim to) and being utterly docile (which is the all-too accommodating ((and fictitiously harmful)) form of feminism you propose).

  3. Akriti says:


    Wrote this a while back. If you feel like, read it and give me your feedback.

  4. likamarie says:

    I especially think that it’s great, that here you are, a military and martial arts trained man, who could fit the stereotype of being a man’s man, yet here you are, comfortable with yourself, your stance, and the fact that you are unafraid to tackle these issues that affect many of our women on a daily basis.

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