Message to Men’s Rights Activists

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Feminism
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government is on the womens side...right
“Hey Chris Brown, I was thinking of beating the shit out of my wife and then having 11.7 million fucking idiots be OK with that. Any tips?” – John Cheese

Hi! I am a war veteran who owns my own military-grade self-defense business. Some might say I’m a ‘man’s man‘.
I’m also a ‘beta-male mangina’.
At least according to you, because I just don’t give a shit about your sob-stories or how we men have it ‘so much tougher’ than women — especially when you bring up your ‘grievances‘ to undermine topics centered specifically around women’s issues.

false rape asshole
Oh and less than 4% are false accusations

You are literally so insecure, one can find hordes of little monsters like you and your buddies in every comments section not strictly guy-centric, holding each others dicks, throwing around gay slurs and slut-shaming.


Men have NEVER been systematically and consistently targeted throughout history because of our gender with genocide, persecution, enslavement, and sexual torture all with the blessings of both church and state.
And we likely never will be.
Women have and continue to suffer and endure at the hands of men like us. They are strong because of their struggles. YOU are the weak.
I respect strength, and you have none but that borrowed from your mothers.
You advocate for the rights of people who have dominated everything since everything started existing. WTF kind of crazy are you?
You became obsolete the moment you got your first hard-on. You are not special merely by virtue of being male (though the world will certainly treat you as such). One has to EARN respect and you are running the other way.

So save your poor-me stories for one of your knuckle-dragging, keyboard-warrior, “alpha-male” monkey friends and clear the fucking air-waves. You all are great at stroking each other while sneering at the real continuing struggles of people directly affected by the corrosive environment you create. You shame us all.

Me? I’ll stick with the words of “betas” like George Carlin.

  1. Thank you for this. For as long long as I can remember I have been told that feminists are horrible amazon harpy creatures. I mostly heard this rhetoric from my brother in law who is unfortunately still with my sister. Anyway, eventually i met real live actual feminists and i didn’t even realize what they were. They came off as polite, charming and funny. And then they said it “I’m a feminist by the way.” This was a complete shock to my system.

    “Arm’t you about taking men’s rights away?” I would ask.
    “No, we just want equal rights. However some people think their rights will have less value if they can not lord what they have over have-nots.”
    “You got to be joking though. Seriously, what are we so oppressed about?”
    “Well, you will be paid less than men for doing the same job. it doesn’t matter if you paid the same amount of tuition, or how much you accomplish, your work is still worth less.”

    For once i felt justified with my frustration of how i am either out on a pedestal or thrown off of it for not being the ideal female. my dad always tells me “You women had it so good and now you all are just do damned stupid.” As if we all have one malfunctioning collective hive mind. “You got your right to vote and to have a job but you keep whining about stupid things like equal pay and discrimination from hard labor jobs you shouldn’t want to do hard labor anyway your boyfriend should worry about things like that.” That’s what truly gets me upset. Why should I expect to be taken care of? Why is it so wrong that i want to take care of myself and get paid better wages? That my spouse shouldn’t feel obligated to do something he doesn’t want to. Because I have the wrong genitals? That’s the answer? I have been told many times you shouldn’t lift that, It’s heavy. meanwhile almost anything is achievable in a fireman’s carry. No, I am not as strong as the average man. But if that is what we are basing this on should we be paying weaker men less? What about disabled and elderly men? Why are women singled out in this? Wouldn’t it be easier to allow equal pay rather than bitching about how women are so reliant on men financially while preventing them from being financially independent?

  2. Thank you so much for this! I will be making all of my guy friends read this. I have lost count of the number of times I have had to explain why women STILL need feminism, and why men need to be a part of it. Some of the nonsense I’ve heard people (men and women alike) spout about how bad men have it is sickening.

    I especially love this:

    Men have NEVER been systematically and consistently targeted throughout history because of our gender with genocide, persecution, enslavement, and sexual torture all with the blessings of both church and state.
    And we likely never will be.

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