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government is on the womens side...right
“Hey Chris Brown, I was thinking of beating the shit out of my wife and then having 11.7 million fucking idiots be OK with that. Any tips?” – John Cheese

Hi! I am a war veteran who owns my own military-grade self-defense business. Some might say I’m a ‘man’s man‘.
I’m also a ‘beta-male mangina’.
At least according to you, because I just don’t give a shit about your sob-stories or how we men have it ‘so much tougher’ than women — especially when you bring up your ‘grievances‘ to undermine topics centered specifically around women’s issues.

false rape asshole
Oh and less than 4% are false accusations

You are literally so insecure, one can find hordes of little monsters like you and your buddies in every comments section not strictly guy-centric, holding each others dicks, throwing around gay slurs and slut-shaming.


Men have NEVER been systematically and consistently targeted throughout history because of our gender with genocide, persecution, enslavement, and sexual torture all with the blessings of both church and state.
And we likely never will be.
Women have and continue to suffer and endure at the hands of men like us. They are strong because of their struggles. YOU are the weak.
I respect strength, and you have none but that borrowed from your mothers.
You advocate for the rights of people who have dominated everything since everything started existing. WTF kind of crazy are you?
You became obsolete the moment you got your first hard-on. You are not special merely by virtue of being male (though the world will certainly treat you as such). One has to EARN respect and you are running the other way.

So save your poor-me stories for one of your knuckle-dragging, keyboard-warrior, “alpha-male” monkey friends and clear the fucking air-waves. You all are great at stroking each other while sneering at the real continuing struggles of people directly affected by the corrosive environment you create. You shame us all.

Me? I’ll stick with the words of “betas” like George Carlin.


I’m not going to whine about how they abandoned cannon and continuity. Instead, I am going to whine (briefly) about how much I fucking hate casual action films in general and how disgusting it is to see a cerebral series made into yet another shoot em up–tits in your face–gratuitous action flick. I loath the type of shit films that get released for the general popcorn munching masses. Mostly because those films aren’t trying to target anyone like me and therefore I feel lonely and left out. *sob*

In my very isolated opinion, when one decides to make a film, one should first ask whether it should be made at all. Why are you making it? What is it you’re trying to accomplish? What story are you trying to tell? All I see when I watch these films is money-grubbing and lens flares.

Highlights of the movies
“Stop exploding, you cowards!”

Money is your reason? FINE. I don’t blame you. I blame the people who pay to see your garbage. Just don’t expect me (a self-respecting, sentient, bipedal humanoid) to bend over and enjoy it.

I don’t care how flashy (literally) or fast-paced or explodey the films are. Nor do I care about how many ass-shots the random new useless female character had. And I certainly don’t give a flying fuck about who the films themselves were made by. If I’m going to judge people by their work, I will judge them on a case by case basis. This case? FUCK J.J. Abrams.

Oh, and fuck you other-trekkies. You can’t just say ‘its a good movie but a bad star trek film’. It doesn’t work that way. Its either good at what it is or it isn’t any good at all. (it isn’t).
Look, I get it: the originals are dated. They needed to reach new markets.
So instead of reviving ST with a sense of dignity and a story about social commentary that ST is famous for, they shit on any and all military or diplomatic ideals, make it a brainless action movie, and fill the cast with professional teenager-lookalikes. Somehow this makes me think of Tiny Toons — its the same characters just painted for a much younger, much dumber audience (not that the Toons were particularly clever to begin with).
The whole thing feels like a prepubescent boy’s wet dream. “Fuck the rules, cultural differences, societal issues, gender boundaries, racial tensions, and discipline — give the keys to the starship to the brash idiot. Oh and throw in a good measure of anti-logic and gaping plot holes.”

Then again, to be fair, I was never a Kirk fan.

Set a course for SEXAH
“You win again, gravity!”

Oh yeah. The plot holes. Look, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief in so far as the universe I’m entering is demanding…the aliens and the star fleet and the spaceships. But when you break your own fucking logic every godsdamned movie, its just BAD WRITING. Its called pulling a Deux Ex Machina out of your ass. STOP IT!
I’m not going to list all these plot holes, frankly because others have done it Already and Better.

You like these movies? You think they’re ‘fun’? Great. Have your fun. I’m all for brainless euphoria.
Wait, nevermind. I think they’re the same old tired shit bereft of interesting villains, relatable heroes, ‘free’ of the logic of their own universes and are therefore unwatchable, uninteresting, counter-creative trash. Such are the worlds you pay to see.