Posted: August 22, 2012 in Life
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The philosophy of thought that each individual is responsible for their own destiny;

That conflict and the exercise of free-will is essential to finding the truth of one’s personal existence;

That life-meaning is different for each individual;

That people are forged by their decisions and experiences in life;

That what is ‘good’ is an inherent choice;

That, through conflict, a sentient being either finds oneself or finds oneself lacking;

That Fear is a weakness that leads to anger leads to hate and is akin to a contagion;

That one-size-fits-all social and religious axioms are inherently flawed;

That nothing as broad as science or spirituality can answer all questions;

That discipline is vital;

That personal betterment is a constant goal;

That in order to find inner peace one must be prepared to let go of physical possessions, emotional attachments, and even spiritual ‘truths’- – the only constant is Change.


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