Posted: August 20, 2012 in Feminism
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What is a woman?

Have you observed the creature — watched it and studied it? More so than “how do I dupe this one into sleeping with me?”? You should. Because she has spent a great deal of time studying you. Learning the means and the ways to bend you to her will. Not out of maliciousness or wickedness. It is simply the course of woman to learn how to achieve her will in a male world. She is playing the game that you set in motion, and later you shall try to penalize her for playing it better than you.

From birth She has not only had to contend with the men and little boys that constitute 50% of the world’s population, but she has had to, on more than one occasion in her life, been forced to take on her sisters as adversaries. It is truly fascinating to witness how young a girl can be when she discovers just how easily the strings of others can be pulled. How easy it is to make us males dance.

Witness a little girl, 5 years of age, demonstrate all the cunning and ruthlessness of any CEO or President when it comes to filling her wants and needs, and then tell me that she does not further perfect that craft in the proceeding decades of her life.

That same little girl, by the way, will herself be betrayed by her sisters. She will know of Honor and Betrayal before you ever begin pretending to be a soldier. She will know of Love, and Heartache, and will learn all the knowledge and wisdom that comes from such pain, while you are still fearing cooties.

And once you reach adulthood, should you be as bright as you can be, you may finally accept her as your Equal. And if she is kind, and she has learned from her immense power and has chosen to take pity on you rather than satisfy her scorn, she will allow you to believe just that. But make no mistake — do not accept your delusion for reality simply because you wish it to be so — she knows more about Life now than you will catch glimpse of over the rest of your days.

She is not your equal, but your Better. She represents all that you may one day aspire to be — it is why you spend your days seeking her out.

But should you fail to learn this important fact as you move through life, worry not. She formulated a contingency for just such a situation before the blood even started flowing to your penis. For Woman’s true power is the illusion that her power originates between her legs. And all the while you are stacking the deck to get “lucky”, she is mind-fucking you six ways from Sunday until you have absolutely NO idea what’s up or down.

You know what’s kind of sad though? Deep down, she doesn’t really want to mind-fuck you. She doesn’t Want to toy with your mind and with your emotions. It’s that learning which ultimately separates a Woman from a Girl.

What does she want then? To be praised? Worshiped? To be recognized as having this immense power? To being superior to you? Not at all–not in my experience. She wants what you ultimately want — an Equal. Someone who will call her on her bullshit. Someone who is not so frail-minded and weak-willed as to fall prey to her simple manipulations.

She doesn’t want the one who “completes” her, in that bullshit Jerry McGuire way. She seeks the means to be complete unto herself, as she has always sought–as you should. To be an individual. To unlock that personal potential. But this isn’t to say that she wants to find that completeness in solitude. She yearns for that sliver of beauty amongst the horror — two people navigating the dark, finding their completeness together.



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